The Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) was set up in 1970, under status 5 of the Ahmadu Bello University Law, to run the interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE) as an alternative to ‘A’ Level Examination, for candidates who may wish to seek for undergraduate admission into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and other universities. The programme was envisioned as a stop-gap or bridge after secondary school education, to prepare candidates academically, mentally and socially for the challenges of university education.

The IJMBE is a qualifying examination conducted annually, mainly for Advanced Level (A/L) subjects for admission into 200 level (Direct Entry) in Nigerian and foreign universities. In addition, two Ordinary Level (O/L) subjects (English and Mathematics) are also offered as equivalent to WASC or NECO O-level, for candidates who may be deficient in either of them. Candidates for the examination are presented through affiliated institutions.

The institutions affiliated to the IJMBE programme cut across the different strata of tertiary institutions in Nigeria. They include Colleges of Arts and Sciences established purposely for the IJMBE and Remedial Studies; Colleges of Education, Polytechnics and Universities.


  • The capability to reflect on and evaluate themselves on the practice
  • A working knowledge of valuable research into students learning and an appreciation of the significance of students being actively involved in their own aspect of learning.
  • A knowledge of the topics/contents of their courses/subjects as required for the teaching profession.
  • An appreciation of the value of developing positive relationships with students/learners on principles of equity.
  • A tedious method to planning combined with the ability to make considered choices from a range of teaching techniques and resources

Structure of the Programme

Candidates seeking admission into the programme must possess a minimum of (5) credits at O-Levels (3basic subjects plus Mathematics and or English) from WASC, NECO or NABTEB in not more than two sittings. Deficiency is allowed in either Mathematics for Arts candidates or English for Science candidates and not in both subjects for candidates from Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS) in Nigeria. This deficiency must be remedied before the end of the IJMBE programme. Candidates admitted to the program


  • Accounting
  • Bus. Management
  • Chemistry
  • Government
  • Literature
  • Physics
  • Mathematics (O´ Level & A´ Level)
  • English Language (O´ Level)
  • Biology
  • C. R. S
  • Economics
  • Geography


004 Acct, Bus. Mgt., A/L Maths Acct; Bus. Admin., PA, BAF, MK
005 Acct, Bus. Mgt., Econs Acct; Bus. Admin., Econs, PA, BAF, MK
006 Acct, Bus. Mgt, Geo Acct; Bus Admin, PA, BAF, MK
009 Acct; Econs; Geog Acct; Bus. Admin., PA, BAF, MK, URP
013 Acct; Geog; A/L Maths Acct; Bus. Admin., Geog, PA, BAF, MK, URP
014 Acct; Geog; Govt Acct; Bus. Admin., Geog, PA, BAF, MK.
016 Acct; Govt; A/L Maths Acct; Bus. Admin; Public Admin; BAF, MK
027 Bio; Chem; A/L Maths Medicine, Vet. Medicine, Pharmacy, Biochem, Microbiology, Agric. Sci., Text. Sci., Single honour
028 Bio; Chem; Geog Agric. Sci.; Archaeology, Biochem, Microbiology, Physiology.
030 Bio; Chem; Physics Medicine; vet. Medicine; Agric. sciences; Engineering; Textile Science & Tech; Pharmacy, Biochem, Geophysics, Agric. Sci, Archaeology, Microbiology
031 Bus. Mgt; Econs; A/L Maths Bus. Admin; Econs; Acct; URP; BAF; MK
032 Bus. Mgt; Econs; Geog Bus. Admin; Econs; Acct; URP; BAF; MK
033 Bus. Mgt; Econs; Govt Bus. Admin; Pol. Sc.; Inter. Studies, PA; Econs; MC, Acct; BAF, MK
035 Bus. Mgt; Geog; A/L Maths Bus. Adim; Environmental Sci; Acct, PA, BAF, MK
036 Bus. Mgt; Geog; Govt Public Admin; Bus. Admin; Acct; BAF; MK
039 Chem; Geog; A/L Maths Envl Sci.; Engr; Archaeology, Agric Sc;Text Sc.
040 Chem; Geog; Physics Envl Sci.; Engr; Archaeology, Agric Sc;Text Sc.
043 Chem; Physics; A/L Maths Engr; Text Sc.; Envl Sc; Comp. Sc; Agric Sci; Geophysics
045 CRS; Govt; Lit Single Honours; Law; PA; Pol. Sci.; Inter. Studies; MC
049 Econs; Geog; A/L Maths Envi Sc; URP; Single Honours, Acct, BAF, PA, MK
050 Econs; Geog; Govt URP; Acct, PA, BAF, MK, MC, Single Honours
052 Econs; Govt; A/L Maths PA; Pol. Sc.; Inter Studies; Econs, MC, Acct, BAF Single Honours
063 Geog; Physics; A/L Maths Single Honours; PA; Pol. Sc.; Engr (not chemical Engr) Comp. Sci.; Quantity Survey; Geophysics


PA = Public Administration

BAF = Banking and Finance

MK = Marketing

AE = Agricultural Engineering

MC = Mass Communication

URP = Urban and Regional Planning


  • Forms are available from the month of June each year.
  • Academic calendar: 2 semesters; Jan - Jun, and Jul - Dec.
  • Final Examination will be taken Jan/Feb of the following year.