The nation’s greatest factor of development has been rightly recognized as the teacher and his teaching profession. We have many universities, colleges of education and polytechnics owned by individuals, groups, states and the federal government. Unfortunately, they have not been able to meet the admission needs of the nation. Virtually, only about 15% of applicants for admission are admitted annually.

Therefore, teaching being the bedrock of any nation’s economic and political development has over the years been much talked about with little or hardly any action taken to really put it properly on course. These which have purportedly led to shortage of NCE teachers, incompetency amongst the very few NCE teachers available and a host of other problems such policy of implementation has surfaced.

Hence, the establishment of Angel Crown College of Education is focused on putting an end to some of the many issues such as:

  • To reduce the paucity of NCE teachers whenever it exist
  • To produce good and qualitatively sound NCE teachers for our educational system (especially for the basic and senior secondary levels)


Without sound education which can only be provided through thoroughly planned and well executed teacher’s education, the human race will remain backward and overcome by the environment which he/she is supposed to overcome and dominate. We at Angel Crown College of Education, believe that without education man is splendid savage and yet in slavery. We therefore believe that the right we are set to provide here is “education for liberation”. To achieve this, some of her objectives are thus;

  • To provide the appropriate qualitative and quantitative teaching personnel that will be able to produce and enhance sound learning in pupils and students of the basic and junior secondary education levels.
  • To prepare/produce efficient and effective teaching professionals with learning strategies that can generate and impart sound knowledge attitudes and skills in pupils and students at basic and secondary education levels.
  • To equip the prospective teachers with skills and ability to demonstrate professional proficiency in teaching.
  • To prepare prospective teachers for academic pursuit in institution of higher learning.
  • To promote and conduct research in the theory and practice of teaching profession in all ramifications.
  • To disseminate the result of researches undertaken in teacher’s education for the benefits of the entire society, individuals, groups, local, states and federal government through publications and any other means.